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Spot On Recruiting Spot On Recruiting was founded by one of the nation’s premier physician recruiters, from one of the largest physician recruitment firms in the country. Jodi Lloyd was in the top three recruiters for the nation while employed by this large and successful recruiting firm. She was the number one recruiter for the specialties that she focused on, which at the time was, surgical specialties. Read some of Jodi’s references here.
Jodi was one of the first members of the Million Dollar Club for physician recruiters. She qualified for the exclusive President’s Club every year that she was employed. And she successfully completed the Selecting Winners and Situational Leadership programs.

In addition to being a Senior Search Consultant, Jodi also spent several years as a Managing Vice President and Operations Manager. She successfully lead a team of recruiters and helped to train the permanent placement recruiters on techniques and methodologies required for successful recruitment. Spot On Recruiting’s headquarters are in Utah, with the next anticipated office opening in northern Florida.

If you are looking for perfect, flawless, precise and excellent recruitment, then Spot On Recruiting is the physician recruitment firm for you.

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