Veterans Health Administration - WI Company Profile

Veterans Health Administration - WI VA employs more than 14,000 physicians across its nationwide integrated health care system. Every year, many experienced physicians leave private practice and come to the VA health care system because we offer a variety of advantages.

Better Quality of Work/Life Balance

VA knows that the first step to providing superior patient care is self care. The quality of work/life balance VA physicians experience simply cannot be found in private practice.

At Work ...
With predictable schedules, a virtually paperless work environment, and no billing hassles, our physicians have the time to thrive professionally and get closer to their patients. They enjoy long-term relationships with Veterans of all ages, most of whom will rely on VA caregivers for the rest of their lives.

The burden of liability protection is also lifted from our physicians' shoulders. VA physicians do not have to purchase malpractice insurance and don't have to worry about "tail" insurance coverage if they leave VA employment. Read more.

At Life ...
A well-rested medical staff has a direct impact on producing positive patient outcomes. In addition to predictable schedules, VA physicians earn 26 days of paid annual (vacation/personal) leave starting their first year and may accumulate up to 86 days.

Higher Quality of Care Delivery

If you're an experienced physician, you understand the impact that business has had on health care. For VA, patient care is not a business decision. Veterans are our highest priority, and we are committed to providing them with the highest quality care possible. That patient focus lets you practice medicine the way it was meant to be practiced. VA physicians work with the entire interdisciplinary care team to deliver state-of-the-art medicine using some of the most advanced medical technologies in the Nation.

Wider Range of Opportunities

As one of the largest integrated health care systems in the Nation, VA offers physicians a broader range of practice options, as well as clinical research, training, and upward mobility opportunities.

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